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September 2012 Club Race Meeting

 Date                                                   Saturday  September 29th

Practice Starts                                  10.30am

Drivers Briefing Starts                     12.45pm

Racing Starts                                    1.00pm



Pre-nominations & pre-payment will open well prior to the cut-off date and be advised by email and on the main page of the web site. If you pre-nominate it will be the $50. If you nominate on the day it will cost $60. Pre nomination helps the club immensely in planning for catering, trophy purchase and less paperwork on the day. 



   Supp Regs are available on

Pre-Nominating for the Event


To pre-nominate for a race meeting you will need your

Licence number and password to log in at


Click here to log in

Put cursor over – CM:S Results functions (top right hand corner)

Menu options will drop down - Select – My Details

Put cursor over - My Details functions.... (top right hand corner)

Menu option will drop down - Select – Pre-Enter Race Meeting

Select – State(Qld) & Club (Mackay)

Click on Enter

Check details are correct

E.g. Race Class, Kart No, Tx No (transponder Number)

Click on Save

Note: The Transponder number may be inserted or changed on race day


Pre-Payment for the Event


To pre-pay your nomination for a race meeting you will need to EFT (Electronic funds transfer) the Payment to the Mackay Kart Club Account. Please use a single transaction per person as it makes for a far simpler and faster job for the treasurer when reconciling the accounts.


In order to allow the system to work correctly and not create a pile of work for the volunteers it is important that you follow the instructions exactly. If this is not
possible then please don’t pre-pay.


Details - Mackay and District Kart Club BSB 064-707  Acc 10614038


Cost as per supp-regs for the particular day


The comment line on the EFT transaction shall be :

MKC  Month No.      Surname   Initial of First Name


When the payment is complete you will need to email the EFT payment slip to the Mackay Kart Club address at


The Subject line on the email shall be :

MKC  “two digit Month No.”      “Surname”   “Initial of First Name”     $Amount

e.g MKC08 BLOGGS F $80    


September being the eighth Month, 08 being a two digit number. This allows us to easily sort the emails for a particular month to generate a list of nominations paid.


The fine print: