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On behalf of the committee of the Mackay & District Kart Club, I wish to welcome you to the Club and Sport. This page outlines a few important facets of our club, and some guidelines, to ensure our club is a safe and enjoyable Club for everyone. If you require any assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our Club.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these, and we look forward to seeing you in the near future. Once again, welcome, and we wish all members, Competitive and Recreational, a safe and enjoyable racing career.

Prior to starting out try to attend a race day and have a look around to get a feel for the flow of the day. Introduce yourself to any of the officials and we will find someone to show you around and explain the format of the day. In the interests of safety and fairness, Karting is run to a very concise set of rules, sometimes these can appear daunting so having someone show you the ropes can help it all make sense and make your first actual race day much more successful.

How To Join

The Mackay Kart Club is located at Bell's Road, Palmyra (next to Mac's Speedway)

Mackay Kart Club is a family orientated community with children, both boys and girls, as young as seven starting behind the wheel. Karting teaches kids, basic driving skills well before they are able to obtain their road licence. It doesn’t take long before the adults also catch on to the excitement of this sport and take on the challenge of steering a kart to victory.

Getting into karting is quite simple, the first step is to become a member of the Mackay Kart Club. Becoming a member of the Club will give you access to the track for practice, as well as allowing you to participate in any club championship, social events, working bees and other club activities. Once you are a member of the Mackay Kart Club you will need an AKA licence. The licence comes with an AKA Karting Manual, which outlines all the rules, regulations and operations of the AKA. An AKA Licence also deals with insurance while racing.

The second step is to purchase a kart and the associated safety equipment. Kart Torque Mackay, located in Paget, can provide you with all the latest karts and equipment, both second hand and new. Used karts for sale can also be found in the local pocket trader.

Then all you need to do is decide which class to begin racing in. Racing classes are broken up into the following categories:

Club membership and kart licences can be obtained via request to .

A passport type photograph is required when applying for a kart licence. Also if you are under 18 years of age then a copy of your birth certificate for proof of age is also needed and parent or guardian signatures are needed on application forms.

Both of these may be provided in digital form via email at time of application. Photos may be sent via MMS from a camera phone, details will be provided upon request.

It is essential that the passport style photo be clear, with the subject well lit and the background clear with a blank wall.

Licences are for a period of 12 months from date of application. Club memberships are due on 28 Feb and so will be pro-rata from joining.


Membership fees:

AKA kart racing licence fees:

Single $100.00

 Competition Licence: $220.00

Family $150.00

Social License:

Track key $10.00

Licence is valid for 12 months


Prior to racing it is recommended that you attend one of our “Test & Tune Days”. These days are held on a Sunday 1 to two weeks prior to race day and are advertised in club emails and also on the web site. During the day there will be people available to walk new comers through race day procedures and paper work.

Races are divided into classes depending on the age, weight and type of motor you chose to run. The Mackay club presently runs five rounds of racing at each meeting. All drivers and their karts are required to nominate and be scrutineered prior to racing. No driver is allowed on the track without the proper safety apparel. For all technical and both State and National Karting information, please visit  

For assistance with kart set-up for racing, have a look at the excellent self help videos on the web at the following sites:

Australian Karting Association (AKA) -  How To Go Karting Videos

KRacer Setup series


There are two types of race meetings: Day Meetings and Title Meetings.

DAY MEETINGS: Held on Saturdays for 10 months of the year, one in each month. All drivers are required to do practice on the day which starts two hours before racing commences. Racing normally starts at 1pm but check the supp-regs to be sure as in winter meetings may start two hours early.

TITLE MEETING: Mackay holds two Title Meetings each year: The Sugar City Titles, held in April, and the Whitsunday Titles which is held in September. These race meets attract many out of town drivers, making for large fields and some exciting racing.


These are where all the decisions are made that influence the general running of the Club. These meetings are conducted at the Harrup Park Country Club, commencing at 7pm on the Tuesday prior to our race meeting. You and your family are welcome to attend these meetings, remembering you are the club and your input is valuable.


To ensure that the facilities are maintained adequately, or to improve any facilities, the Club conducts working bees. These are held on dates as advised in the clubs newsletter. Please give your support.


After every race meeting, a monthly newsletter is made available to members. The newsletter contains race results and general information the committee believes is of interest to members. All members are welcome to contribute items for the newsletter.


As a current member (Competitive and Recreational) of the Mackay & District Kart Club, the track and facilities are there for your enjoyment, please use them, and not abuse them. You may use the track at any time, other than on race day, special events and working bees. You must ensure that the appropriate safety apparel is worn and you lock the gate at all times.


The club tries to locate sponsors to cover their costs. If you know of any person or business that you think would like to sponsor a class, please contact any committee member. A copy of the Club’s Signage / Sponsor policy is available for any potential sponsors.

At all of our race meetings the club requires assistance, either in the setting up of facilities or in the general running of the meeting. As a guide, we require at least six officials, and a number of both canteen and lap scoring staff. If you or your partner/family member is interested, or can help in any way, please let the President or Secretary know. During the meeting we require all three flag points to be attended. It is mandatory that every club member takes his or her turn as flag marshal.


From time to time we hire out the track to other users. When this occurs you will be notified in the monthly newsletter and the track will be closed at these times.


The club has a championship point system which determines an overall class winner for each year. The point system is determined by the placing the competitors finish in each field. For more information on the points system, please consult with a committee member.


The leases pit sheds to members, for a current fee of $40.00 per year, subject to availability. Should you wish to rent a pit shed, please contact a committee member. An invoice for the rental will be issued at the beginning of each year.


Throughout the year, many of our club members represent Mackay at other club race events. Similar to Mackay, many other clubs race each month. Most members chose to travel and pit at the track in a group in order to assist and support each other. Should you wish to become involved, please contact the committee who will endeavour to assist you.


The club operates a canteen on race days, offering a variety of food and drinks. The club appreciates you supporting the canteen.

The committee hopes that this information helps you to become familiar with your club. If you require any assistance, with your kart, engines, licences or any other matter, please contact another member. Please ensure you involve yourself with the club and reap the benefits that other club members can offer. Listed below is the current committee members and their phone numbers.

Once again, we wish you all the best with your Karting.


Don Ingram
0418 775 670


Jenelle Sullivan



Stacey Brazil



Doug Legge

 0418 187 162


Damian Brasher



 Stacey Brazil



Swaleha Ali